Beware of Springtime Construction Site Hazards

As we enter the spring and summer months and the climate in Atlanta starts heating up, it’s important for construction managers and their workers to be alert for certain hazards that come with the warm weather. From staying hydrated to performing inspections on old equipment, there are many factors to consider when preparing construction sites for safe operation. Let’s take a look at three common hazards that can occur on construction sites during the spring — and don’t forget to contact our workers’ comp lawyers in Atlanta if you are injured on the job. 

3 Construction Site Hazards to Look Out for in the Spring

  1. Unstable Scaffoldings

There are a couple of reasons why it’s a good idea to inspect scaffoldings for safety when the weather starts getting warmer. For starters, it’s possible that older scaffoldings that have been in storage for the winter may be getting their first action in a while, as warmer outdoor temperatures tend to correlate with more outdoor construction projects. Additionally, a scaffolding may become unstable due to shifting temperatures, causing the wood and metal components to warp and expand — not to mention the damage that can occur during transport to a new site.

  1. Heat Stroke

The potential for heatstroke on the job is nothing new for construction workers in Atlanta, but the importance of staying cool and hydrated while working on a hot construction site cannot be understated. Workers who participate in frequent physical labor on construction sites during the spring and summer should have convenient access to water whenever needed. Additionally, employers are responsible for ensuring that their workers are not overworked or kept away from water for too long due to a demanding task, especially during intense heat.  

  1. Wet Worksite Conditions

Hot weather isn’t the only hazard that plagues construction sites during the spring and summer — you must also consider the threat that rain poses when it creates slippery working conditions. Nobody should be walking around on tall scaffoldings or running across wet pavement during rainfall. If your employer is unreasonable and expects you to work in hazardous conditions during or after rainfall, they may be liable if you sustain an injury due to the conditions on the worksite. 

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