How Long Do I Have to Work at a Company to Be Eligible for Workers’ Comp in Georgia?

For several programs, including unemployment, you have to work a certain number of weeks or hours before you can collect. However, there’s a notable distinction between government programs and workers’ compensation benefits in the Peach State. Here’s what you need to know about being eligible for workers’ compensation in Georgia:

Benefit Entitlement Regardless of Tenure

As soon as you are on the books, coverage should kick in. After all, one is just as likely to sustain a workplace injury on the first day as the hundredth. You may be even more likely to get hurt within the first few weeks or months of new employment, as you’re far less familiar with the equipment and processes as you would be after working there a considerable amount of time.

It’s not surprising that employers might be skeptical of workers’ comp claims from new employees. They’ve most likely seen it in the past — someone starts a new job, gets hurt soon after employment, and collects benefits for months or even years. Still, a company’s preconceived notion shouldn’t put you in a situation you don’t deserve.

Coverage Exceptions

If a business in Georgia employs three or more full-time, part-time, or seasonal workers, it most likely must provide workers’ compensation coverage. If the business in question is incorporated or an LLC, the corporate members are included in the count, regardless of whether they exempt themselves from coverage.

Your coverage for workers’ compensation starts the first day on the job unless you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Federal employees
  • Railroad carrier employees
  • Domestic workers
  • Farm laborers
  • Independent contractors
  • Volunteers

Contact a Skilled Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Atlanta

While you are entitled to benefits as soon as you are employed, you generally have one year from the work injury date to file a claim. That said, it is imperative to act fast! If you are being mistreated or your claim is being denied because your employer states you have not worked for them long enough, you may have a legal claim. For more information, contact our workers’ comp lawyers in Atlanta!